8 Sep

My latest purchases have been a vendor apron and some lampwork beads!


My lampwork beads are from Lala Lampwork Beads (

Lampwork Beads from LALA Lampwork

Lampwork Beads from Lala Lampwork

I bought some gorgeous sparkly green beads made using aventurine frit (my new colour crush) and some beautiful blue stripey lentils.  They arrived super quick, ordered on Friday and arrived on Monday!  Thanks Helen 🙂

Tonight I will begin turning them into something… stay tuned for the big reveal!


My other purchase was a vendor apron from Yoopers ( for the MISI Makers Bristol fair on Nov 7th.

After hours of looking I eventually went for the Black and White Damask Vendor Apron With The Works!  And it does indeed have ‘The Works’; 2 big pockets, a hidden zipper pocket, a key clasp, a pen pocket and business card holder!

Black & White Damask Apron with The Works

Black & White Damask Apron with The Works

 It’s just what I needed!  The last time I ended up standing in a sea of dropped business cards and change!  This time it will all be conveniently on my person!

I bought it on the 28 Aug and it arrived this morning, not bad as it came all the way from America!  A special thanks to Michelle for getting it in the post the same day 🙂

Lable Detailing

Lable Detailing


Package from Yoopers

Package from Yoopers


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