A letter to my friend

20 Oct

Dear Chy,


Me & You on one of our first night at La Rocca

At La Rocca in the Tuna Does Disco top

You are a wally sometimes!  But I understand what is going on in your head!


I know I can tell you until I am blue in the face that it’s all in your head but as we both know it helps at the time, but then at 2am when he hasn’t texted you back it all comes out again.  Like a really bad zit that just won’t die!!!!  But trust me, I was the same as you.  But it’s mostly all gone now and I am so happy it has!  I can’t lie, every now again there is a tiny thing that sparks the little voice in my head to think something stupid but then I remember those thoughts are attached to a different person in a different time not this person now.


I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much I admire you for being able to go back to University to follow your dreams.  I can’t even drag my butt to Wales to do a distance learning course in something I am already doing.  Whereas you moved here from a whole other country to learn to do something that you love.  You are one of the bravest people I have ever met.




I know it’s difficult for you and you are desperate to get back to your ‘normal’ grown-up life where you can happily make a cup of tea without having to fumigate the kitchen first.  But you only have a few months left to suffer and then you can get on with it!


And the boy loves you.  Stop thinking about it and try to just enjoy it.  He’s a lovely person and mot even a little bit of a twat!  My twat-senors are finely tuned and I’m telling you this one is OK!  The pair of you just go together like La Rocca and the Hunger Hatch! 🙂


I would also like to thank you for moving to Bristol at the same time I did.  I would like to thank you for being single at the time.  Otherwise we would never have met.  The Bridget Jones Society has a lot to answer for!  I would like to thank you for being there for me on my many disastrous quests to find Mr Right.  Luckily I did find him eventually!  Thank you for sitting through a Metal \m/ birthday party,  I will forever owe one!


Looking for a love getaway?

Looking for a love getaway?

And so I move on to the thing that oddly unites us more than anything, cheesy disco!  To be more precise La Rocca – our spiritual home.


Some of the best nights out EVER have been with you in La Rocca. 

You probably have every idea just how excited I am to be going again in November with you and Laura, as I am sure you feel exactly the same!


I am truly thankful to count you as one of my best friends.  It upsets me to see you going through all this upset on your own.  I just wish you weren’t so far away from me now.  And I would like to request that you return to Bristol as soon as possible.


Why drink and La Rocca are bad for your health

Why drink and La Rocca are bad for your health

But in the meantime, here’s a little something to get you in a FANTA-ASTIC mood.  You will need to supply your own bottle of Strongbow/Peroni!


Just remember I love you for being daft, for La Rocca, for wearing glued together shoes, for fending off randoms, for Balloon Fiestas, for wine tasting, for gin & tonics, for cups of tea, for long train journeys and for you being my friend.






2 Responses to “A letter to my friend”

  1. Chy 20 October 2009 at 4:39 pm #

    I am crying right now — partly because as always, you made me laugh my butt off (especially at “without having to fumigate the kitchen first”, “twat sensors” and “for wearing glued together shoes”), but mostly because I’m really happy to know that our friendship means as much to you as it does to me 🙂 I will save this and read it whenever I’m feeling down because it’s lifted me up more than I can tell you! I don’t think highly of myself on the best of days, so thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂

    This is one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done, so thank you! I definitely am fighting for a return to Bristol because that’s where my journey to the UK began, and I would love to start my “normal” non-student life back there where I have as fabulous a friend as you 🙂

    I’m going to print this off and hang it on my wall, and I will get back to my dissertation promptly, with no more worrying 😉

    Much love,

    La Rocca + Hunger Hatch = true love 😀 ❤

    • Chy 20 October 2009 at 4:45 pm #

      P.S., You owe me nothing for the \m/ party! I only wish I’d had 12 more Peronis that night so I had loosened up and fit in 😉

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