New Additions

13 May

The Sparkles household has recently had two new additions. I would like to introduce to you Freyja and Hamish.





We collected them 3 and a bit weeks ago and they are now lovely! They were not to start with!!!!

We got them from Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We had been in Birmingham for the weekend meeting up with some friends and somehow ended up agreeing to re-home 2 cats that afternoon. After a mad dash to Pets At Home to buy some cat essentials for 2 cats that we knew very little about we headed over to meet 9 month old Freyja (or Sadie as she was know then). B&WCR keep the cats in foster homes rather than at a cattery. So we met Michelle, Sadie’s fosterer, and she managed to coax Freyja into the living room where she promptly hid behind the sofa. She did appear when some food was put down, this as it turns out is her favourite thing in the world! She is quite petite but puts away food like a horse! We decided we would give her a go, so in the cat carrier she went and off the 3 of us went to meet Margaret and 2 year old Hamish (or Biscuit as he was then).

The 2 of them had never met before so we need to get them both into the house at the same time so that they were on a level pegging. Hamish was lovely and wandered around the kitchen so into a box he went! The only thing was that Margaret gave us a cardboard pet carrier box to bring him home in – not a problem we thought – into the car then home – sorted! NOT!!!!

Not even half way home Hamish figured out that if you claw at the air holes they get bigger and then you can force your head through one of them and make a bid for freedom!

Hamish's Escape Route

Hamish's Escape Route

NOTE: At this point I feel it important to mention that I have never had a cat before, in fact I think the longest time I have ever spent in the company of a cat was maybe 5 hours. I have no idea about cats at all!

So there I am in the passenger seat of the car, Freyja in her box at my feet and Hamish attempting to escape from his on my knee. Lets just say that there is a man somewhere in Bristol who probably still hasn’t stopped laughing! I’m there trying to stuff a cat back into a box through a tiny hole that he has managed to force his head through, Mr Sparkles is trying to help poor clueless girlfriend wrestle cat and not crash the car! My face must have been a picture! I did manage to get him stuffed back in the box and then covered the whole thing with my coat which I then clung onto like a woman possessed all the way. I had really painful cramp in both hands from holding on so tightly and was quietly blubbering to myself. Mr Sparkles took them inside and locked them in the dining room and then come back outside to scoop his blubbering wreck of a girlfriend out the car!

So with Hamish under the sofa and Freyja under the drawers we put some food down and left them to it! We checked on them a good few times and nothing then went to bed. At 1:30am we were woken up by a series of crashes from the dining room. On inspection – CARNAGE! – someone had been right across the mantelpiece and knocked everything off then across the window sill knocking off the stained glass panel I forgot to move! Stained glass: in food bowl – Little confetti stars kept in jar on mantelpiece: all over room – cats: nowhere to be seen.

Since that night we have had some hissing, a bit of a biff on the nose and backside, some very loud midnight shouting and now they are best friends!

It’s amazing thinking back that these two scaredy cats who had never met before are the same creatures. They have settled in and have welcomed guests, tried to steal pizza out of people’s hands, spent hours chasing each other up and down the stairs and looked longingly at the birds that sit on the fence.

Hamish gets his final injection on the 28th so after that we start the process of letting them outside to terrorise the poor birds!

They are just the cats that I wanted 🙂

We have posted a letter on the BWCR website under the Happy Endings page to hopefully encourage other people (like you) to rehome some of these lovely little critters!

Still nowhere near as good as a Buster but then nothing ever will be!


NOTE: In case you were wondering Buster came from the Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home. He is currently living with Mummy Sparkles in Scotland and loves every second of being spoilt rotten x


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