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MISI Event – The Before

6 Nov

The MISI fair is TOMORROW!!!

Somehow it has sneaked up on me and I haven’t done half the things I planned to do.

Some of the things I have managed to do are:

  • Ordered some lovely flowers from Cherri Burrelle the florist at Unit 2.7 in the Paintworks.  They will be running some taster workshop throughout the day on Saturday so pop in and see them.  Or give them a ring on 0117 972 1356.
  • Made some more Whole Lotta Love rings in Fuchsia & Crystal and Emerald.

  • Made some ‘Bling Your Thing’ samples (they will be for sale at the MISI event if you have a special love for them!)

I was going to take a picture of the massive pile of junk that I am taking with me tomorrow but I forgot 😦


Don’t forget to come early to be in with a chance of getting one of the 100 Swag Bags for the first people in!

And you can also sign up for one of the workshops running!  Am very jealous as I want to do all of them 😦  Might see if I can leave All That Glitters in the capable hands of Mr Sparkles and sneak off to make a T-Shirt bag 🙂


There will also be mince pies and mulled wine.  At the moment I am trying to decide what the earliest time is that I can have some mulled wine without looking like a right lush 😉


I will, of course, report back in full after the event.


If you are stopping by please come and say hello it would be lovely to meet some of the people who read my blog x


Schemes, Plans & Plots

4 Nov


I am still in the land of the living!


Sorry I have not written for so long, I have been busy but also have been wallowing in a fug of house seller/buyer overwhelmed confusion.


Lets get the house bit out the way first – I still haven’t moved!  Nor do I have any idea when I will.  But things are progressing SLOWLY!  After my post on Friday 23rd we  went to London for the weekend expecting to come back on Sunday night to a nice brown envelope on the doormat full of signed stuff – NOTHING WAS THERE!  And nothing continued to be there until Thursday 28th – A WHOLE WEEK LATER!  Lets just say that I wasn’t myself that week, I was so worried that I might be trapped in that stupid flat FOREVER!  And even worse is I would be stuck with the same neighbors too!


But it has gone to the mortgage company who have passed it to their Underwriters and hopefully it should be sealed soon (secretly wishing for it to be done by the end of this week) AND THEN WE CAN GET ON AND GET MOVING!!!


But after all that I am falling apart.  Mr Sparkles is sending me to the Doctors this afternoon to get me checked over.  I have a sore wrist, which I suspect is the return of the Ganglion, I keep getting really bad indigestion or something, I did have a pain in my side but need less to say that has gone now and I was just a bit glum and emotional.  But, of course, now I feel much better!!!  Still going to go as my wrist is bloody sore!  I had one removed when I was 17 so it has come back and the scar tissue is making it press right on the nerve up my thumb 😦


I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I have grumped at recently!

I’m Sorry x

So now that I am back to my old self here is a list of all the half written posts and other subjects I have planned to blog about shortly:

  • Trip to London to see the International NFL game at Wembley
  • Preparation for the MISI Makers Bristol Christmas Craft Fair Explosion on SATURDAY!!!
  • My little brother’s week in Bristol
  • Things I plan to make once I get my own desk in my nice new house
  • Things I would like for Christmas!!!

So there you go, stay tuned for at least five new posts shortly 🙂



A quite cheerful and relaxed Shona x

Bling Phone – Test 1

25 Sep

The other night whist waiting on my dinner cooking I decided to try and bling up one of my old phones as a bit of a test run before I do my current phone!

The results are not too shabby! I did end up with glue all over my sleeve but the phone managed to survive 🙂

Now to find some other things to bling up……

Weekend Project Update

21 Sep

On Friday I blogged about my project plans for the weekend so here are the results!
Project 1: Button Necklace & Bracelet

After seeing all the buttons sat together I couldn’t bear to separate them so here are 2 multi coloured button pieces!

Button Necklace & Bracelet

Button Necklace & Bracelet

Project 2: Swarovski Crocheting Bracelet

Sadly this was a non starter 😦  I got distracted making cakes for my office’s Macmillan Coffee Morning today.  I made Snickerdoodles (thanks to Chy & her sister for the recipe) and on request from Mr Sparkles a Banana & Walnut loaf (thanks to Delia for that one)!



Project 3: Tea Cup Pincushions

Tea cup pincushions are complete!  So complete they even have matching pins!  more pics to follow later 🙂


Project 4: MISI Makers Event Swag Bag Gifts

100 crystal heart mobile phone charms complete!!!!  Will post a few pics later.


So that was my weekend.  Today was cushioned by the serious amount of cake consumed at work 🙂

Hope you all had a good one too and here’s to a great week ahead x

Bigger is better – Discuss…

21 Sep

Last Thursday I attended the weekly Intermediate jewellery class at Shiney Company.  Amanda, one of the lovely owners, took us through the 2 hour class on how to make these beautiful Indian Summer earrings.

Indian Circles Earrings in Gold and Green tones
Normal: Indian Summer Earrings in Gold and Green tones

But me being me thought they would look better bigger!  So my ring stick was promptly swapped for a rolling pin! And here are the results!

Indian Circles Earrings in Gold and Silver
Bigger: Indian Summer Earrings in Gold and Silver

Personally I think they look great in both sizes!  I’ve been wearing the green smaller pair to work and will be rocking the bigger ones at the weekend!

What do you think?

If you are interested in making your own pair there is a tutorial available at the Shiney Company’s Shiney Lounge alongside loads of other bits and bobs too!

One thing at a time? Not me!!!!

18 Sep

I was sitting here during my lunch break trying to decide what to do after inhaling my horrible cheese and pickle sandwich.  (CREATE really need to get a better sandwich maker in, they are going down hill FAST!)


So I had a nose in my bag to see what I could make!  About a million half started things fell out at me.


So by revealing them to you I vow to actually have the finished by Sunday night and to post them on here!  And if I don’t you can call me names or something 🙂


Project 1: Button Necklace & Bracelet  

The other week I bought a big bag of lovely buttons from the Shiney Company shop at the Paintworks in Bristol.  I plan to make a multi-colour necklace and bracelet from them.


Buttons from Shiney Co

Buttons from Shiney Co



Project 2: Swarovski Crocheting Bracelet

Yesterday when I got home from work there was a jiffy envelope for me.  Mr Sparkles asked as to what it contained –  I had a sudden panic: had been ordering beads in my sleep or something???  I couldn’t think!




I completed an online questionnaire on the Swarovski Create Your Style website ages ago and was entered into a draw to win a bracelet kit.

Beads from Kit

Beads from Kit



This one might not get done!  My crochet isn’t very good and Swarovski instructions are sometimes a bit random to follow! 


Project 3: Tea Cup Pincushions

OK so not actually in my bag but they still need finished!  Making them, well, because I wanted one!  I will be selling these at the MISI Makers Event in Bristol.  I’m sure a couple will also appear on my online shop.  ONCE I GET THEM FINISHED!!!!!!!!!


Tea Cup Pincushions

Tea Cup Pincushions


Project 4: MISI Makers Event Swag Bag Gifts

In case you haven’t seen a poster or leaflet, the first 100 people in to the MISI Makers Bristol event will get a free Swag Bag with all sorts of bits in it!  My contribution will be something made from these…

Crystal Hearts

Crystal Hearts


….. there the plan ends!


So by Sunday night you should have a full report on the success of these projects!


(Get the names ready just in case tho…..)









MISI Bristol Brigade Meet Up

15 Sep

Last night was the first meeting of the MISI Bristol Brigade.  We had arranged it all through the MISI Brigade Forum on MISI.  So at 7:30 I wandered into the Paintworks a little lost as I had no idea what anyone looked like!


Once at the bar (where else did you think I would be?!?!) I turned to notice a little group on the couches with a clear plastic bead box spilling forth on the table!  If that wasn’t my fellow MISI sellers then carrot cake isn’t one of my five a day!


In case you are wondering here is the official definition of a MISI Brigade:

“The MISI Brigade is a team of crafts people from your area that get together to help market your MISI shops, your Brigade, MISI and buying Handmade.  It’s also about getting together with like minded crafters in your area to do some crafting.”


 In attendance:

It was lovely to meet some fellow beady jewellers, topics of coverstaion included what labels to use on your stall, what shape of table is best, the use of A boards, bead shop bargains and how best to photograph your work*. 


I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting them at the MISI Makers event in Nov.


I would recommend to anyone that these kind of groups are well worth the effort to attend!  They are a great way to meet fellow crafters and be able to sit and chat about all things beady and crafty!  You might also get a few helpful hints and tips along the way 🙂



* apparently taking the pictures in the bath works well!  Not, obviously, while you are in the bath but using your gleaming white shiny bath as a sort of light box to reflect the light!  I will be trying this as soon as I have cleaned it 🙂

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