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Why I hate my new oven

21 Dec

I removed the ones that were on fire!

When we moved house we inherited a new cooker.  It’s nice, clean, quite big and has an electric fan assisted oven that CREMATES everything!

Sadly I think it is a bit old and you can only do fan assisted as oppose to newer ones where you can switch it off!

These poor parsnips were cooked 60 degrees under and for 10 mins less than the instructions!

Well they say charcoal is good for the digestion….


Schemes, Plans & Plots

4 Nov


I am still in the land of the living!


Sorry I have not written for so long, I have been busy but also have been wallowing in a fug of house seller/buyer overwhelmed confusion.


Lets get the house bit out the way first – I still haven’t moved!  Nor do I have any idea when I will.  But things are progressing SLOWLY!  After my post on Friday 23rd we  went to London for the weekend expecting to come back on Sunday night to a nice brown envelope on the doormat full of signed stuff – NOTHING WAS THERE!  And nothing continued to be there until Thursday 28th – A WHOLE WEEK LATER!  Lets just say that I wasn’t myself that week, I was so worried that I might be trapped in that stupid flat FOREVER!  And even worse is I would be stuck with the same neighbors too!


But it has gone to the mortgage company who have passed it to their Underwriters and hopefully it should be sealed soon (secretly wishing for it to be done by the end of this week) AND THEN WE CAN GET ON AND GET MOVING!!!


But after all that I am falling apart.  Mr Sparkles is sending me to the Doctors this afternoon to get me checked over.  I have a sore wrist, which I suspect is the return of the Ganglion, I keep getting really bad indigestion or something, I did have a pain in my side but need less to say that has gone now and I was just a bit glum and emotional.  But, of course, now I feel much better!!!  Still going to go as my wrist is bloody sore!  I had one removed when I was 17 so it has come back and the scar tissue is making it press right on the nerve up my thumb 😦


I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I have grumped at recently!

I’m Sorry x

So now that I am back to my old self here is a list of all the half written posts and other subjects I have planned to blog about shortly:

  • Trip to London to see the International NFL game at Wembley
  • Preparation for the MISI Makers Bristol Christmas Craft Fair Explosion on SATURDAY!!!
  • My little brother’s week in Bristol
  • Things I plan to make once I get my own desk in my nice new house
  • Things I would like for Christmas!!!

So there you go, stay tuned for at least five new posts shortly 🙂



A quite cheerful and relaxed Shona x

WARNING – rant/whinge coming soon

21 Oct



7 Oct

Yesterday we had an appointment with our Solicitor to sign some stuff for our sale & purchase of our new house.


With an innocent spring in our step we bounded into her office!


Only to be told there was good news and bad news 😦  Just what we had been dreading.


The good news is that the purchase of our new house is all sorted and there are no problems with anything and it’s all good to go!


The bad news was that my current lease for my flat is full of errors!  And as our buyer has the best leasehold solicitor in Bristol, he’s picked it to shreds!


I think a jar of marmalade may in fact make more legal sense than my current lease!!!!!!!!!!


So the result is that my lease needs to be sorted and as it’s a crazy cross lease so does my downstairs neighbours!  And of course all this is going to cost money!  Whose money I don’t yet know!


We are hopeful that we can get the original Solicitors firm to fix it and take on the cost as they acted for both myself and my neighbours and the original seller.


It’s a sad state of affairs to be in as it took my 4 months to get it in the first place which is a long time for a cash buyer to move into an empty flat!!


When she told us I cried.  I was sat there in her office blubbing.  It was so painful getting the flat in the first place that to be told it’s now going to be painful to get rid of it too was just heartbreaking.


All I want to do is move into my nice new house with my lovely boyfriend. 


So we are back to waiting… and waiting… and waiting.  At the moment we have no idea how long it’s going to take to fix so all we can do is sit tight and wait.


Last night we skived off Weight Watchers and had a pig out from M&S.  Nothing like a Wensleydale & carrot chutney sandwich and a bag of chocolate buttons to cheer a girl up 🙂


Hopefully good news will appear before the end of the week. 

I’m keeping everything crossed and double crossed!

Spoke too soon!

2 Sep

I had recently decided to not think about when we might eventually get in to our new house.  But not long after my last post we got the FANTASTIC news that the people who we are buying from have had an offer accepted on a house they want!!!!!

Hopefully some actual completion dates won’t be too far off 🙂


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