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Please don’t take it personally!

8 Feb

I have been rubbish recently!  I still haven’t written my thank you letters from Christmas, my desk at home is a shambles, I haven’t made any jewellery in weeks, I still haven’t sorted out the pictures in the house, I haven’t cleared the garden and I haven’t been writing on my blog!

It’s not as if I haven’t been doing things that I could write about I’ve been up to plenty of things but I have just not managed to get around to writing about them!

So here in bullet form is a quick up-date since my last post:

And that brings us back up to today!  Tonight I am off to the Wool Sanctuary again to attend a Knit School session on textured knitting.

Over the next couple of days I am going to make a conscience effort to ‘blog out’ some of the above bullet points for your reading pleasure.

Until then, stay sparkley!


Schemes, Plans & Plots

4 Nov


I am still in the land of the living!


Sorry I have not written for so long, I have been busy but also have been wallowing in a fug of house seller/buyer overwhelmed confusion.


Lets get the house bit out the way first – I still haven’t moved!  Nor do I have any idea when I will.  But things are progressing SLOWLY!  After my post on Friday 23rd we  went to London for the weekend expecting to come back on Sunday night to a nice brown envelope on the doormat full of signed stuff – NOTHING WAS THERE!  And nothing continued to be there until Thursday 28th – A WHOLE WEEK LATER!  Lets just say that I wasn’t myself that week, I was so worried that I might be trapped in that stupid flat FOREVER!  And even worse is I would be stuck with the same neighbors too!


But it has gone to the mortgage company who have passed it to their Underwriters and hopefully it should be sealed soon (secretly wishing for it to be done by the end of this week) AND THEN WE CAN GET ON AND GET MOVING!!!


But after all that I am falling apart.  Mr Sparkles is sending me to the Doctors this afternoon to get me checked over.  I have a sore wrist, which I suspect is the return of the Ganglion, I keep getting really bad indigestion or something, I did have a pain in my side but need less to say that has gone now and I was just a bit glum and emotional.  But, of course, now I feel much better!!!  Still going to go as my wrist is bloody sore!  I had one removed when I was 17 so it has come back and the scar tissue is making it press right on the nerve up my thumb 😦


I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I have grumped at recently!

I’m Sorry x

So now that I am back to my old self here is a list of all the half written posts and other subjects I have planned to blog about shortly:

  • Trip to London to see the International NFL game at Wembley
  • Preparation for the MISI Makers Bristol Christmas Craft Fair Explosion on SATURDAY!!!
  • My little brother’s week in Bristol
  • Things I plan to make once I get my own desk in my nice new house
  • Things I would like for Christmas!!!

So there you go, stay tuned for at least five new posts shortly 🙂



A quite cheerful and relaxed Shona x

One of four

6 Oct




Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we will begin…




 Back at the start of September Mr Sparkles and I went on a camping trip to Wales.  Where we came across the CRAFT recycling shop in Aberystwyth and purchased 4 lovely but slightly sad dining chairs!

Mmmm old pleather!

Mmmm old pleather!

So being that cracked poo brown pleather just isn’t going to go with our new decor I decided to re-upholster the seats!  I can remember helping my mum do her diningroom chairs when I was about 10 so it’s can’t be that hard!?!?


On a trip to Ikea a few weeks ago we picked out 2 different materials to use to cover the chairs.  I lost my striped material as someone thought it looked like old man’s pyjamas!  It doesn’t!  But we chose these in the end:





So off on the internet I went to see where to get some new padding – CONFUSION ENGULFED ME!  Silly me thought that it would be obvious, it wasn’t 😦


So I ‘Phoned a Friend’ or as it’s otherwise known posted a message begging for help on the MISI Forum!   A HUGE THANK YOU to Mo of  Mornie G Jewellery and Belinda of Pretty Little Things for their excellent advice.


So armed with my shopping list I set out to find a shop that stocked all I needed.  Low and behold Dunelm Mill in Weston-Super-Mare came up as the ideal shopping emporium for this adventure!


Not wanting to go all the way to W-S-M and the store there be tiny I yet again seeked the knowledge of fellow MISIers on the MISI Forum.  Sadly, mixed reviews but i decided to risk it.  I’m an adventurous soul at heart 🙂


Sunday afternoon armed with my printed out Google Map (sadly the dead SatNav still hasn’t been replaced) I set out in a Weston type direction.  Then remembered that the Portway (one of the main route out of Bristol on to the M5) was shut!  Disaster! My map was now useless!  But I went for it anyway!  Following the signs for Weston down through a million oddly named villages I eventually got to W-S-M and without getting too lost, I found it!

Like a great grey & green beacon in the wilderness

Like a great grey & green beacon in the wilderness

I was there for 2 hours!  Luckily I knew I would be and had left Mr Sparkles at home watching football 😉  So I ended up buying:

  • 2 x foam block (£4.50 for a bit 100cm x 56cm x 3cm )
  • 1m of wadding (£1.99 for 137cm Width / 200g weight)
  • 3 bits of Christmas material (£3.99 / meter)
  • 2 bits of polycotton (there is a plan for this to be revealed!)
  • 4 mirrored candle plates (99p each)
  • a wire mannequin (£7.99 to be used on my stall at the MISI event)
  • and a plastic box to keep it all in when I got home!


Note to MISI Forum bods:  well worth a visit!  I could have spent a lot more but I had filled my little basket!  But fear not I have a shopping list prepared for my second visit already 🙂


So last night after losing the will to live doing the weekly shop I set to on one of the 4 chairs.  And here is the final result:

One of Four

One of Four


Not bad for a first attempt!  My lovely shiney new staple gun was a life saver.  So I’ve cut out all the foam, wadding and material for the other 3 which I hope to do tonight.


But then that might all change as we are off to see our Solicitor to sign stuff for our new house which will hopefully also involve a completion date!!!! 



Whales in Wales?

8 Sep

Last weekend Mr Sparkles and I went camping in New Quay, Wales.  Mr Sparkles bought me a whale and dolphin watching trip for my Christmas last year so I decided i should really get on and do it before we get to another Christmas! 

New Quay

New Quay

The campsite was booked.  A lovely little place called the Cei Bach Country Club with hot showers, a restaurant and bar!  One loves Glam-ping when she can 😉

We were all booked up for the Saturday but sadly the weather was against us 😦 So we rescheduled for Sunday and went off to pray to the ghost of Michael Fish to stop the wind just a little bit!

So what to do on a Saturday in a slightly windy Wales? Why, go on a steam train of course!  So off we went to Aberystwyth for a 3 hour round trip on the Vale of Rheidol Railway.  It was great fun and the views were amazing!

But even better than the train journey was the discovery of CRAFT, a recycling shop right in the train station in Aberystwyth.  They have absolutely loads of great stuff from old wardrobes to trifle dishes!  After having a small meltdown a few weeks ago about the price of dining chairs we got 4 for £30!  They need the seats recovering but that just means that they will actually match our new dining room perfectly!  I will post more pictures of their transformation later.  If it wasn’t that we only had the Yaris with us we would have come home with A LOT more than just some chairs and a set of tea cups (£4) .  Am now planning a trip back to CRAFT with a very large van 🙂 

After a tiring but fun day we had dinner at the Cambrian Hotel on the outskirts of New Quay.  I recommend the garlic bread pizza!!!!

Sunday morning, woke up jumped out of tent at a hundred miles an hour to study the sea…perfectly calm!  WOO HOO!  WHALES AND DOLPHINS ARE GO!

The boat trip was a 2 hour survey trip with the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre.  The boat, the Sulaire, was just what I had pictured in my head.  But with an added little row of blue & white striped deck chairs! 

View from boat

View from boat

Below is the official report of all that we saw (sadly no whales, but plenty of dolphins):

Sunday 6thSeptember 2009: Boat survey results: 17 Bottlenose Dolphins, 5 Atlantic Grey Seals2 hour start time 10.00 – Weather conditions; sea state 1 to 3; swell light; wind south-westerly to westerly

At quarter past Ten, two adult bottlenose dolphins were sighted travelling in a North easterly direction. At ten to eleven another two bottlenose dolphins one adult and one juvenile were seen travelling in various directions, and taking long dives thought to be foraging at depth.

The same two dolphins were seen ten minutes later Foraging at depth in various directions. The final sightings of the trip was at around half past 11 two adult (one female) Grey Seals were seen in the water.

And here is proof:



And no holiday would be complete with a massive slice of cake!
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake
Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake

We had a really great time and it felt like a proper holiday, I’d definitely go back to New Quay again 🙂
What better reason!

What better reason!

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