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A to Z of 2009

31 Dec

A…is for All That Glitters. 2009 has been a great year for All That Glitters.  I sorted myself out a website, got this blog going and have actually kept it going, been to a craft fair, had a good few sales and I have learnt a lot!  Hopefully 2010 will be as successful if not more 🙂

B…is for baking. 2009 and my new kitchen have reawakened my baking bug.  Just bought a cooling rack in the Lakeland sale (also bought a load of other stuff I didn’t need but it was cheap!)


Cupcake Tree

C…is for cricket. Who knew I liked cricket!  Being in Bristol we oddly have Gloucestershire County as our local team!  There was also plenty of Twenty20 action too!  We are even looking into a joint membership!

D…is for dolphins. And the lack of whales!

E…is for entertainment. In 2009 I saw Baroness, Chesney Hawkes, The Mangledwurzles, Bill Bailey, Dave Gorman & Eddie Izzard. 2010 has Billy Connolly and KISS lined up so far…

F…is for fat. It’s still there!  There was a brief spell of successful weight loss but then moving house and Christmas happened.  Not been brave enough to stand on scales yet but lets just say the baggy trousers are not so baggy anymore!

G…is for growing up. 2009 has seen a lot of my friends buying houses together, getting married, splitting up, having babies and settling down.  It’s strange! But good!

H…is for home. In particular my beautiful new home that I have made with the lovely Mr Sparkles.

I…is for I AM THE ONE AND ONLY! In June me and my friend Tony went to see Chesney Hawkes at Puxton Park.  Mr Sparkles bought me 2 tickets for my birthday but ‘un-selfishly’ let Tony go with me!!!

Mr Hawkes Rocking Out!

J…is for Journey! My anthem of 2009, strangely!

K…is for knitting. A huge thanks to Susie at The Wool Sanctuary for teaching me to knit again.  My Granny would be very proud of me for starting knitting again.


The front of my house doorstop

L…is for La Rocca baby! AWWWOOOOO!  Hopefully 2010 will see a few more visits.


La Rocca Beauties!

M…is for marinated. Our fantastic weekend spent at Dannah Farm Country House in the Peak District in a room with our own private hot tub!  We spent far too much time in it!!!

N…is for NFL. For the 2nd year we managed to get tickets to the NFL International game at Wembley.  I love going as it’s a chance to get together with my little bro and to have a day waving a flag about like a right idiot!

O…is for old tat. 2009 saw the official start to my old tat (or vintage) collection.  Accompanied by LB, The Queen of Old Tat, I now have a lovely wooden boat, French 1920’s cushion covers, a folding mirror and a few other bits and bobs!  2010 will hopefully see this collection expand.

P…is for pain. The sheer pain of my own stupidity!  Why did I ever think that I would be able to snowboard?!?!?!


One of my Snowboarding bruises

Q…is for quality cider. Yep I have become a proper resident of the South West and I officially proclaim to the world I AM A CIDER DRINKER!

R…is for riding. This year I got a new bike.  I LOVE IT!  It’s the bestest bike ever!  During the nicer months of summer and autumn we were out almost every Sunday on a trip somewhere.  I am very much looking forward to some nice 2010 weather!


A ride through Bristol

S…is for Swine Flu. Poor Mr Sparkles managed to contract the piggy flu on the 22nd Dec so there was a bit of a last minute stay at home for Xmas.  But it just means we get to do Christmas at least twice more!!!


Christmas brought to you by Tamiflu

T…is for tantrums. I have had a few of these during 2009.  Mostly at myself or inanimate objects.  It would appear that I am not as good at dealing with stress as I thought I was!  Thank you again to Mr Sparkles for bringing me tea and being so loving and understanding.

U…is for unknown. This time last year I couldn’t have told you I would have done most of the things I ended up doing in 2009.  Hopefully 2010 will bring some fantastic unknown adventures too!

V…is for Vegas. Went to a brilliant wedding of our great friends Mark & Bobbie complete with Elvis!

Elvis is in the building!

W…is for walking. This year I took part in the SunWalk in Bristol, I managed to complete the Half Marathon course and rewarded myself with a big ice cream!


Mr Sparkles, Me and my Medal!!!

X…is for eXtreme amounts. 2009 saw extreme amounts of paperwork enter our lives: mortgages, bank accounts, life assurance, the list goes on and on!  We also joined Costco so we have been bulk buying all sorts: toilet rolls, ketchup, Fairy liquid, Pepsi, water, beer, Oreo cookies…  Last night we realised that we wouldn’t need to buy dishwasher tablets again until approx April 2010!

Y…is for happY. (is it obvious I’m struggling to find things for the end of the alphabet?)  2009 has seen a lot of things that have made me very happy.  My lovely boyfriend, my lovely house, my lovely nice normal neighbours, my lovely friends and my lovely family.  And of course my lovely blog readers!

Z…is for ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Hopefully now that the stress of moving and unpacking is out the way I can get back to the plan of long lies, cat naps on the sofa and hopefully if the weather is good to me afternoon naps in the back garden all summer long!

Wishing you all a very happy and glittery 2010!


Whales in Wales?

8 Sep

Last weekend Mr Sparkles and I went camping in New Quay, Wales.  Mr Sparkles bought me a whale and dolphin watching trip for my Christmas last year so I decided i should really get on and do it before we get to another Christmas! 

New Quay

New Quay

The campsite was booked.  A lovely little place called the Cei Bach Country Club with hot showers, a restaurant and bar!  One loves Glam-ping when she can 😉

We were all booked up for the Saturday but sadly the weather was against us 😦 So we rescheduled for Sunday and went off to pray to the ghost of Michael Fish to stop the wind just a little bit!

So what to do on a Saturday in a slightly windy Wales? Why, go on a steam train of course!  So off we went to Aberystwyth for a 3 hour round trip on the Vale of Rheidol Railway.  It was great fun and the views were amazing!

But even better than the train journey was the discovery of CRAFT, a recycling shop right in the train station in Aberystwyth.  They have absolutely loads of great stuff from old wardrobes to trifle dishes!  After having a small meltdown a few weeks ago about the price of dining chairs we got 4 for £30!  They need the seats recovering but that just means that they will actually match our new dining room perfectly!  I will post more pictures of their transformation later.  If it wasn’t that we only had the Yaris with us we would have come home with A LOT more than just some chairs and a set of tea cups (£4) .  Am now planning a trip back to CRAFT with a very large van 🙂 

After a tiring but fun day we had dinner at the Cambrian Hotel on the outskirts of New Quay.  I recommend the garlic bread pizza!!!!

Sunday morning, woke up jumped out of tent at a hundred miles an hour to study the sea…perfectly calm!  WOO HOO!  WHALES AND DOLPHINS ARE GO!

The boat trip was a 2 hour survey trip with the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre.  The boat, the Sulaire, was just what I had pictured in my head.  But with an added little row of blue & white striped deck chairs! 

View from boat

View from boat

Below is the official report of all that we saw (sadly no whales, but plenty of dolphins):

Sunday 6thSeptember 2009: Boat survey results: 17 Bottlenose Dolphins, 5 Atlantic Grey Seals2 hour start time 10.00 – Weather conditions; sea state 1 to 3; swell light; wind south-westerly to westerly

At quarter past Ten, two adult bottlenose dolphins were sighted travelling in a North easterly direction. At ten to eleven another two bottlenose dolphins one adult and one juvenile were seen travelling in various directions, and taking long dives thought to be foraging at depth.

The same two dolphins were seen ten minutes later Foraging at depth in various directions. The final sightings of the trip was at around half past 11 two adult (one female) Grey Seals were seen in the water.

And here is proof:



And no holiday would be complete with a massive slice of cake!
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake
Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake

We had a really great time and it felt like a proper holiday, I’d definitely go back to New Quay again 🙂
What better reason!

What better reason!

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