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MISI Event – The During & The After

9 Nov


The All That Glitters stall at the MISI Event



I have now recovered enough to report back on the MISI Makers Bristol event which took place on Saturday.   It was a long but FANTASTIC day.




The first 100 people through the doors grabbed themselves a nice swag bag in what seemed like 5 minutes!  It was busy all day long and a big HELLO! to everyone who stopped by to see us.




But I got it wrong again!  All the things I thought would sell didn’t and all the things that I thought wouldn’t did!  I just can’t seem to guess what you crazy public want!




From a personal point of view it was great to meet some more MISI sellers and to see the Bristol lot again!  And it was lovely to spend the day with my MISI neighbours Susie from The Wool Sanctuary and Louise of Sew Scrumptious.  And a HUGE thank you to Cherri Burelle florists for the gorgeous flowers in All That Glitters colours 🙂




Here are a few photos from the day:



Me & my stall


All That Glitters stall

Stall from another angle!

MISI People


Susie and The Wool Sanctuary stall




















MISI Event – The Before

6 Nov

The MISI fair is TOMORROW!!!

Somehow it has sneaked up on me and I haven’t done half the things I planned to do.

Some of the things I have managed to do are:

  • Ordered some lovely flowers from Cherri Burrelle the florist at Unit 2.7 in the Paintworks.  They will be running some taster workshop throughout the day on Saturday so pop in and see them.  Or give them a ring on 0117 972 1356.
  • Made some more Whole Lotta Love rings in Fuchsia & Crystal and Emerald.

  • Made some ‘Bling Your Thing’ samples (they will be for sale at the MISI event if you have a special love for them!)

I was going to take a picture of the massive pile of junk that I am taking with me tomorrow but I forgot 😦


Don’t forget to come early to be in with a chance of getting one of the 100 Swag Bags for the first people in!

And you can also sign up for one of the workshops running!  Am very jealous as I want to do all of them 😦  Might see if I can leave All That Glitters in the capable hands of Mr Sparkles and sneak off to make a T-Shirt bag 🙂


There will also be mince pies and mulled wine.  At the moment I am trying to decide what the earliest time is that I can have some mulled wine without looking like a right lush 😉


I will, of course, report back in full after the event.


If you are stopping by please come and say hello it would be lovely to meet some of the people who read my blog x

Right Honorable Wine & Pizza

15 Oct


On Tuesday night my department was invited to by the Lord Mayor for a reception at the Mansion House to say thank you for all the hard work on the Banksy exhibition. 


The Mansion House

The Mansion House

We were told that it was going to be tea and cakes, and you know me I can’t resist a cake 🙂


So after work off we went to the Mansion House, not quite sure what to expect.  Are we supposed to curtsy, bow, salute????


On entering we were offered a glass of wine (or juice)  so, of course we grabbed one, only to then be told that we are to be officially announced one at a time on entry to the Drawing Room to meet the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress.  PANIC!  I have handbag, jacket and glass of wine and now I need to salute the Lord Mayor!!!!!!!!!!!  I settled for shaking his hand but I’m quite sure he thought I was some kind of wine swilling pack horse!


It was a great evening, both the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress are absolutely lovely, very chatty and very easy to talk to. 

Me, Lady Mayoress, Lord Mayor & Sabs

Me, Lady Mayoress, Lord Mayor & Sabs


The biggest surprise was when the buffet was brought out – sandwiches, mini sausage rolls and PIZZA!




But the pizza was very nice and I do like a sausage roll 🙂


We had a tour of the house and the little museum they have in there on the history of Bristol’s Lord Mayors.


So it was time to go home but first a visit to powder one’s nose.  In the Ladies Powder Room!  I don’t think I had ever been in a real powder room before!  So I took some pictures 😉


Sadly I couldn’t capture the massive aroma of roses to share with you.

A Haven of Pink Powderness

A Haven of Pink Powderness


The whole room soley for the application of powder!

The whole room solely for the application of powder!


Beautiful Couch

Beautiful Couch


Sadly my handbag wasn’t quite big enough to fit the couch or any of the gorgeous chairs from the Drawing Room in 😦



But the house is lovely and the grounds are beautiful.  They hire it out for weddings and events if you are interested have a look here.



It wasn’t quite Afternoon Tea with the Queen but I really enjoyed Pizza and Wine with the Lord Mayor!





MISI Bristol Brigade Meet Up

15 Sep

Last night was the first meeting of the MISI Bristol Brigade.  We had arranged it all through the MISI Brigade Forum on MISI.  So at 7:30 I wandered into the Paintworks a little lost as I had no idea what anyone looked like!


Once at the bar (where else did you think I would be?!?!) I turned to notice a little group on the couches with a clear plastic bead box spilling forth on the table!  If that wasn’t my fellow MISI sellers then carrot cake isn’t one of my five a day!


In case you are wondering here is the official definition of a MISI Brigade:

“The MISI Brigade is a team of crafts people from your area that get together to help market your MISI shops, your Brigade, MISI and buying Handmade.  It’s also about getting together with like minded crafters in your area to do some crafting.”


 In attendance:

It was lovely to meet some fellow beady jewellers, topics of coverstaion included what labels to use on your stall, what shape of table is best, the use of A boards, bead shop bargains and how best to photograph your work*. 


I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting them at the MISI Makers event in Nov.


I would recommend to anyone that these kind of groups are well worth the effort to attend!  They are a great way to meet fellow crafters and be able to sit and chat about all things beady and crafty!  You might also get a few helpful hints and tips along the way 🙂



* apparently taking the pictures in the bath works well!  Not, obviously, while you are in the bath but using your gleaming white shiny bath as a sort of light box to reflect the light!  I will be trying this as soon as I have cleaned it 🙂

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